Brief feature descriptions

For more detailed information, see the Help pages for each feature.

Fire the shutter now

For immediately firing your camera's shutter one time. You must have a shutter release cable connected to both the ShutterFire controller and the camera's wired remote shutter release port.

Fire the shutter with options

For shooting with various options such as bulb mode, mirror lock-up, multiple exposures, delay before shooting. These settings are also used for making VLPS and timelapse videos.

Enter camera specs

For telling ShutterFire information about your camera and lens, needed for making a VLP.

Calibrate motors

For calibrating the motors of the robotic pan-tilt head.

Make a VLP (Very Large Photograph)

For automatic shooting of a sequencce of images that you later combine to make a VLP.

Pan and tilt

For operating ShutterFire's motors for panning and tilting.

Set up trigger

For enabling and disabling the automatic firing the shutter based on input from an attached sensor, such as motion detector, light intensity change, beam interruption, etc.